Hello and welcome, my name is Sofie Heleen van Hapert. I am a Dutch author and bookartist.

I love to write, illustrate, design, print and bind books. To express myself and hopefully to inspire you.

The stories I write are not only told by words. The illustrations and the designs, as well as the bindingprocess and the attention I put into making each book tell the story together.

My books are available in Dutch and two of them in English.

Since 2016 they are for sale at bookstore Van Piere in Eindhoven and in other bookstores in the Netherlands.

My single copy and round artbook about the beginning of creation was part of an exhibition at artgallery Ma-Wah Gallery in London for two years. Since january 2019 you can see it at Flow Uden in the Netherlands.

You can order my books by sending me an e-mail. Please see ‘stories and designs’ or ‘contact’ for more information.

In 2019 I’ll be giving workshops about the healing power of words at the Library of Eindhoven and the University TU/e of Eindhoven.

You are very welcome to have a look at this website.